Nathaniel Lawhorn

Nathan’s Passion Project – Dedicated to giving the gift of clean living water

Nathan’s Passion Project was established in July of 2020 as a memorial for our son, brother, cousin,
nephew, friend, Nathaniel Isaac Lawhorn (October 30, 1990 – July 20, 2020). Nathan went to meet his
heavenly father in the early morning of July 20th during a fiery car accident near his home. We, his family,
know that Nathan wasn’t finished with his work of “giving” on earth. The days that followed the accident
were a blur, but what is clear is the day we founded his organization. When we were presented with the
words “where do you want to donate in lieu of flowers”, to an obituary that should not have been written
yet, the response was clear….”Nathan’s going to drill wells!!” and Nathan’s Passion Project was born.
Nathan spent the majority of his adult life striving to be the kindest, most generous, hard working person
he could possibly be. Daily he challenged himself with a strong desire to be, do, and live better with God’s
help. If you knew him, you knew he always carried around a 1.5 liter bottle of water and would drop
everything to help you and bless you with with his adorable smile. Nathan’s passion for giving of his
time, his money, and his hard work, paired with his passion for those 1.5 liter bottles of water, is the
driving force that started NPP.
We want Nathan’s life and legacy to continue to speak, so here is how you can help us accomplish that.

We are currently receiving donations to fund the drilling of wells in countries that are in dire need of clean
drinking water.