We have a very exciting opportunity! The Malawi Country Coordinator for TeenMissions.org has negotiated a fantastic volume deal with a well drilling company.

They will drill seven wells for Malawi for only $24,500 – only $3500 per well – that will bring life year after year. These are critically needed to bring living water to communities and enable all the auxiliary services that depend on that water. Whether you or your organization is considering covering a portion of a project, building a single well, or sponsoring the entire Malawi effort, please give what you can.

Northern Region Wells

Well 1: Rumphi District – Motorcycle Circuit
Members of Teen Missions regularly drive a circuit to visit multiple village, assessing both their natural and spiritual needs. This community is getting water out of shallow puddles. The water
is not clean and it can take hours to replenish to fill containers. This situation is unheard of in the western world. This well will offer clean water to the entire community.

Well 2: Mzimba District – Bicycle Circuit
The location does not have a water supply. This well will provide clean water and the ability to establish additional services that will improve the health of community members.

Central Region Wells

In rural areas, secondary schools are beyond walking distance for students wishing to continue their studies after primary (elementary) school. Students, girls in particular, desperate to continue their education, seek housing near the school. Lacking money for even basic supplies like soap and toothpaste, evil men offer financial aid in
exchange for sexual favors. We learned of one remote area where more than 50% of the female high school students didn’t complete their studies due to pregnancy. This issue exists across rural parts of many African countries.

Matron Units

Well 3: Nkhotakota District
Well 4: Salima District
A Matron Unit is a safe home environment for young women to safely continue their high school education. They live in dormitory housing with rules and spiritual guidance where they are able to study and complete their education unmolested. At the moment, housing is provided for 300 young women in six different locations in Africa. These two locations have no water on premise, thus the young women must walk long distances to obtain water for all purposes.

Rescue Units

Well 5: Salima District – Melissa Walker RU
Well 6: Salima District – Wellman RU

Traditional orphanages can be expensive and often remove children from extended family. A Rescue Unit is a safe place where the children in the program can come for many different types of care. Services vary based need and location but can include: first aid, uniforms, medicine, nutrition seminars, general relief and more.
These villages have no water. Community members must walk or ride a bike a great distance to fetch it and haul it back. A functioning well will enable the full activities of these rescue units to flourish.

Well 7: Dowa District –
Nalunga Sunday School Location

A well was started in 2018, but the small rig was unable to bore the well. The people continue to wait for water for their community.