Teen Missions International – Our Partner

Teen Missions is the primary facilitator and partner for digging wells in Africa.

Nathan’s Father, Wayne Lawhorn has known Teen Missions International since 1984 by providing travel services thru Fellowship Travel International, www.Fellowship.com    Nathan’s younger brother, Jonathan (JJ) Lawhorn participated in a Pre-Teen mission group to Australia when he was 12 years old. The founders of Teen Missions had a global vision for the teenagers of the world.  It is possible for any donors, Teens, Adults, and Family Units to travel,  see, and participate in these projects.

What is a Rescue unit?  

Rescue units were originally formed as a targeted response to “rescue orphans of the Aids epidemic”.  These Rescue units become “hubs” for communities providing:

A structure including a Facilitators home,  as week as meeting Pavilion (for Sunday Schools & educational training)

Orphans and adults come to the unit for clothing, food, medical, spiritual assistance, and educational help. 

Hands on Educational classes are offered in Agricultural, so they can grow their own gardens, as well as livestock training for those units with livestock.

What is a Base?  

A base is the hub for all the Rescue Units in a country. There are normally fulltime training schools that can provide training not possible at the Rescue Unit level.

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  1. Investing in a well is a Gift that Keeps on Giving. 100% of your donations Go to the Projects. No administration fees are deducted. And you can Go and Work on a Project as well. Many can sponsor a well in your name or to honor someone in your family or circle of friends.

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