Our next well to be dug is located just outside of Baminda in the northwest part of Cameroon, West Africa.

The Land & People of Cameroon Endless plains to the north, mountainous terrain in the center, and tropical rain forests to the south: Cameroon is a geographically diverse country. Not only is the land diverse, but the languages and cultures are also as well. Though French and English are widely spoken, there are over 280 other languages and dialects spoken by about 500 ethnic groups. There are around 19 million people living in this West African country, of which 42% are younger than 15 years of age, with a life expectancy of 48 years. The religious structure of Cameroon is composed of 40% Indigenous beliefs,

Teen Missions International, operates bases and “Rescue Units” (spokes from the main base) in many countries around the world. Currently there are 33 Rescue Units in Africa alone, which were originally a response to touching children who became orphans from the Aids epidemic, but hundreds are needed.  About half of the existing units do not have sufficient or any on-premise water supply.  To find out more about the impact your donations will make channeled thru Nathan’s Passion Project(s) click here.   What is a Rescue Unit? The Baminda well will be dug at the main base.